Traveling always involves eating unfamiliar food – in fact that is one of the things we love most about going to new places. We have eaten dozens of unique dishes that we had never heard of before, and we found most of them intriguing and delicious.

Many travelers each year have digestive upsets due to eating new things. It is called by are a variety of names; turista, Dehli belly, Montezuma’s revenge, Aztec two step, and more. Sometimes it is because the food is contaminated due to unsafe food handling, and sometimes it is just that our digestive systems are unused to the unfamiliar bacteria in the region.

Whatever the reason, we have learned that taking a probiotic makes a huge difference. We rely on Natrol BioBeads and always begin taking them 30 days before embarking on foreign travel. We continue to take them for at least a couple of weeks after arrival. By using the probiotic, we rarely have even one day of digestive trouble.
We like that Natrol BioBeads Probiotic, unlike most others, don’t require refrigeration, so that they are easy to travel with. And because we can just leave them on our dining table, we don’t forget to take them. We also appreciate that BioBeads don’t have added sugars, artificial color or flavors or preservatives, yet their potency is guaranteed for eighteen months.

Here are additional details on Biobeads Probiotic Acidophilus Complex from Natrol

Superior, Triple-Shell Protection

Natrol BioBeads are uniquely protected by an advanced triple shell that ensures viability through all three biophases.

• Biophase 1: Targeted-release technology helps guarantee BioBeads potency for 18 months on the shelf, and protects viable microflora all the way to ingestion.

• Biophase 2: Bead passes safely through the acidic stomach environment unharmed.

• Biophase 3: Inner layer gently breaks down, releasing proprietary blend of probiotics that helps support digestive health and immunity.

  • Strengthens the body’s natural immunity
  • Helps ease temporary stomach discomfort associated with travel
  • Guaranteed 1 Billion Live Cultures
  • Unique, easy to swallow bead
  • No refrigeration needed
  • No yeast, wheat, milk, egg, glutens, artificial colors or flavors, added sugars or preservatives
  • Strengthens the body’s natural defenses
  • Natrol makes this product in the U.S.A.
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