Although many of our electronic devices are rechargeable, some still require AA or AAA batteries. We have found that getting quality batteries in foreign countries is often difficult and expensive. We also want to do our part in keeping spent batteries out of the landfill both at home and abroad. Rechargeable batteries save us money, protect the environment and are easy to pack.

For all those reasons, we believe that rechargeable batteries are great for travelers.

For the price, this charger, which comes with 4 AA batteries, can’t be beat. It is easy to use, versatile and charges fast. Never run out of batteries again and save money and the environment too!

Features of the Energizer Pro Battery Charger

  • Versatile
    Charges up to 4 AA and AAA batteries simultaneously
  • Powerful
    As few as 3 hours to fully charge
  • Responsible
    Charging your own batteries reduces the amount of disposable batteries used and creates less waste
  • Economical
    Recharge batteries 100s of times so you buy fewer batteries
  • Intuitive
    Audio and visual alerts keep you up to date on charging status
  • Safe
    Automatic shutoff protects against overcharging and damaging batteries
  • Sturdy
    Compact construction with a folding plug for easy storage

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