We have known about the benefits of using arnica to relieve muscle pain and the pain and swelling from bruises for at least twenty years. Our two sons, as children, often came home with bruises from falls or other unexplained accidents. They didn’t particularly enjoy being tended to, but since arnica rubs in quickly, doesn’t sting (unless there are open wounds), and has little or no smell, they let us use it because they soon learned that it helped them heal faster.
From the very first time we applied arnica, we were convinced of its effectiveness. With just an application or two, bruises healed more quickly and with less pain and less swelling. We prefer the gel that is in the Boiron Arnicare Homeopathic Arnica Gel. It is not sticky or greasy and is absorbed quickly.
When we are staying in an unfamiliar room (which as wanderers, we do constantly) and happen to walk into a bed frame or the corner of a table in the night, we immediately reach for the tube of arnica. We always pack it in our luggage when we are traveling. Arnica gel is usually difficult or impossible to find in foreign stores and we don’t want to be without it.
For us, traveling means adventures. Spending time in unfamiliar lodgings, treks in the jungle or the forest, wandering in unfamiliar towns and cities, canoeing and kayaking – all of it means there is a likely chance of sore muscles and perhaps a bump or two. We rely on arnica to make these minor hurts heal quickly and with as little discomfort as possible.

Here are the benefits of Boiron Arnicare Homeopathic Arnica Gel from the manufacturer

Natural Fast Relief

Before pain gets in your way, treat it naturally at the first sign with Arnicare and feel better faster. Arnicare helps to relieve muscle pain and stiffness and to reduce pain, swelling, and discoloration from bruises. Arnicare Gel has a cooling effect for fast pain relief. This non-sticky, non-greasy gel is quickly absorbed by the skin. Arnicare Gel works best when applied at the first sign of pain. This pain relief gel is unscented and paraben-free.

Features & Benefits

  • Relieves muscle pain and stiffness
  • Reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises
  • Non-greasy; Quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Unscented, paraben-free
  • Works naturally with your body
  • 0.7% Arnica – homeopathic 1X solution

Century Old Pain Reliever

Arnica montana (or Mountain daisy) has been used for centuries as a natural pain reliever, and today, it’s one of the most popular homeopathic medicines in the world. Arnica is trusted by professional athletes to soothe sore muscles, by prominent cosmetic surgeons to relieve post-procedure pain, and by savvy moms to treat playground bumps and bruises.

Relief from Arthritis too.

Arnicare can offer relief for joint and rheumatic pain associated with arthritis. Whether you’re looking for whole body pain relief or targeting a few problem areas, Arnicare can help.

Works With Your Body

Arnicare Gel works naturally with your body, and there’s no risk of overdose, no contraindications, no known drug interactions, and a very low risk of side effects when used as directed.

More choices in natural arnica pain relief medication

We have always trusted Boiron brand arnica gel, but there are certainly other brands available. Reviewers rated these products highly.