There are times when it is nice to have a third contact with the ground for added security and these quality poles have not let us down. We have used them on muddy trails, unstable snow, and wading on slippery rocks.

They are easy to extend and collapse and are so easy to pack. We like that they come with three different tips for any surface. And the price (for 2!) is truly unbelievable for this quality.

This pair of BAFX hiking-walking-trekking poles are made from light weight durable aluminum and come in a royal blue, black or silver. We have the blue ones.

Each pole can be adjusted to any length from 26 to 52 inches in length. The poles adjust by twisting on the locking ring. We like that each pole has measurements on the middle section so you can readjust it easily to your preferred length. They also have a durable steel tip hidden under the rubber foot at the bottom for trekking on more rocky and uneven terrain.

Plus, the hiking poles come with an optional snow/mud disk for year round use. The disk easily installs above the tip so that the poles don’t sink in on softer surfaces. This really helps on soft sand! Each staff contains an anti shock spring located in the upper section of the pole for more comfortable walking.

They also have very comfortable soft plastic grips with attached wrist straps as well as a soft foam grip located just below the standard grip so that the poles are more comfortable to carry when they are collapsed.


Here are more features of the BAFX Trekking poles:

  • Poles extend from 26.5″ to 52″ (approx.)
  • Poles come with one rubber tip each plus one spare tip each (4 tips total)
  • Durable tips for less for giving surfaces, rubber foot for flat surfaces and optional snow disk for use on softer ground coverings
  • Comes with 1 set of mud disks for hiking on softer surfaces (mud, snow etc) to prevent sinking
  • Anti-shock spring in pole to lessen impact
  • Snow disk to prevent pole from sinking in soft surfaces
  • Easy to use twist locking system
  • Wrist straps for added comfort and support; Easily adjustable
  • Approx. 12 ounces each
  • Choose from Blue, Black or Silver
  • Great for regular walks, leisurely hiking or adventurous treks
  • Manual with link to instructional video
  • A great addition to your hiking gear!
  • 1 Year warranty from BAFX Products® when purchased from authorized dealer with valid order number or receipt

Other Choices in Hiking / Trekking / Walking Poles

Carbon fiber poles are lighter, but more expensive.