View from the Stairway to the Bibbulmun Track

View from the Stairway to the Bibbulmun Track

On this day, we headed down from the tiny town of Kendenup, WA where we were house sitting, to the larger Australian cities of Albany and Denmark to further explore the coast. We needed to run a few errands, but not our usual million things to do in a “big city”.

Having collected a new belt for the riding mower and various household items from Red Dot, we headed for the coast with our cameras, hats and fly nets! It was a bit cloudy and cooler than expected.

We ate lunch in a little cafe called Cosy Corner and then drove down to a deserted stretch of beach. The beach had access to the Bibbulmun Track, which is a 1000 Kilometer trail you can hike from the city of Albany all the way north to Perth, about five hours by car.

The view from up on the trail looking down on the beach was fabulous.

We spent a little time hiking this sweet trail in the bush, looking at the flowers, crazy trees, and warning signs for snakes.

The trail was softly padded with sand or gypsum which we see a lot here, or soft tree needles.

The flowers were tiny and vivid, or big and strange.

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