In the city of Ubud, Bali is the sacred Monkey Forest. The monkeys there are sacred to the Balinese people and visitors are warned to treat them respectfully. The entire area is filled with jungle vegetation—huge trees and long, thick vines, as well as a large number of stone carvings and statues.

Sadly, foreign visitors sometimes foolishly think of the monkeys there as tame, which can lead to problems, including bites. The monkeys in the forest have learned not to be afraid of the visitors to their domain. They are famous for sweeping down out of trees, sometimes in troupes, and grabbing articles out of the visitors hands or off their bodies. The monkeys brazenly grab whatever food unthinking visitors bring in with them as well as hats, scarves, cameras, binoculars, phones, etc.

 Visitors should be advised to enter the Sacred Monkey Forest with nothing that a monkey could grab onto and to enjoy the monkeys at a safe distance. Early morning is the best time to visit the area because the monkeys are quieter then as they haven’t been agitated by crowds.

The Monkey Forest is full of incredible temples, pools, fountains and carved statues. This bridge is high over the river and the serpents are there to protect from evil spirits.

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