canola fields in Western Australia

Canola fields in Western Australia

Laurie and I had never seen Canola growing before. Canola oil is evidently a popular product in Western Australia, at least judging by the yellow fields that border the roads.

Laurie and Neil at the Waterfall in Munduk

Waterfall in Munduk, Bali

This amazingly picturesque waterfall is in the interior of Bali between Ubud and the mountains and is a pleasant surprise after a tortuous walk down along a steep but paved path.

Watch Out For That Kangaroo

Some full grown species of kangaroos can weigh as much as 90 kilograms (200 lb). You don’t want one coming through your windshield. They are completely unpredictable and may suddenly jump in front of your car.

Lake Beratan as seen from the Mountains in Central Bali

Located in the mountains of Central Bali in the Bedugul region, Lake Beratan is considered a holy place by the Balinese and is a major water source for all of Bali.

Australian Ringneck Parrot

Australian Ringneck Parrot

The beautifully colored Australian Ringneck is considered a pest by farmers in Western Australia because they decimate orchards and gardens. They call them 28’s due to their call.

Giant Termite Mounds of Western Australia

The most massive termite mounds we’ve ever seen are in Western Australia. They are often 10 feet tall and commonly encircle whole trees. The termites in Australia are voracious!

Indoor Bowls

Indoor Bowls With The Locals in Western Australia

In Western Australia, we learned to play “bowls” with the locals. The objective is to roll biased balls down the mat so that they stop close to a smaller ball called a “jack” or “kitty” and it is quite challenging.

Albany, WA Farmers Market

Albany Farmers Market, Albany, WA, Australia

The Albany farmers market in Western Australia is small but we found organic vegetables that we weren’t finding in the grocery stores, free range meat, and fresh baked bread.

Topeng Tua Classic Balinese Dancer

In the classical Balinese dance called Topeng Tua the dancer performs slow dramatic gestures, including some, meant to be humorous. Performances are filled with stunning costumes and unique music.

Jack Russell Terrier Playing Soccer With a Basketball

Want to watch an amazing Australian dog dribble a ball? Chienne can dribble a large ball on both sides, like a professional soccer (futbol) player! She talks while she dribbles too.

Welcome to the Joyful Journeying Photo Journal

We have been traveling almost continuously since April 2013. We have traveled across the United States and Canada, in Southeast Asia, Oceana and Central America.

Our travels lead us to discover so many wonderful places and we have so many great adventures. Along the way, we have learned how to travel extensively on our meager budget. We write about our adventures and assist others in realizing their travel dreams on our blog

The Joyful Journeying Photo Journal is our place to inspire you to have your own travel adventures. We share photographs and stories of the many sights that have made our lives richer and lots more fun.

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Marvelous Holiday Celebrations in Patzcuaro, Mexico

Marvelous Holiday Celebrations in Patzcuaro, Mexico

We had the opportunity to return to the pueblo magico, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico for a lovely house sit. In December we had a splendid time watching the daily transformation of the Plaza Grande into a Christmas wonderland of giant figures.

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Seaweed Strewn Beach, Maine Coast

Seaweed Strewn Beach, Maine Coast

The central coast of Maine is known for it’s many picturesque beaches. Many of these beaches border the long necks that jut out into the ocean and are very rocky.

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